What we’re all up to


As happens in life when things change for you people keep asking us the same questions, what are you doing? what work are you doing? where are you living? how’s Miriam? etc.  I thought it would be nice for those we haven’t been able to Skype with, talk to or see recently to give a few Eaton highlights of what each of us are up to here in Lille.


  • Working for a company called Loquendi teaching English to businesses varying from project management to the Paul bakery group.  The majority of his time is spent at Castorama, a large DIY company in the Kingfisher group with B&Q. It’s going really well although considering looking for other work with a better salary (*prayer point*)
  • Occasionally playing football with some guys from Casto on a lunch break
  • Has been asked to preach by a few church leaders here in Lille
  • Having some regular Skype dates with some great friends and support back in Kent, thanks guys, it’s a lifeline!


  • Working at the Catholic University 5 hrs a week teaching English.  It’s ok. I’m no teacher and I don’t, if I’m completely honest, really enjoy it but it’s a season.  Have just ended my contract working for Loquendi (see above) also teaching English and now really in need of some more work but not sure where to begin (*prayer point*)
  • Monday’s are spent with Mim going to Carrefour, potty training and having fun around the house at the moment with the weather being so poor
  • Running occasionally but no where near like in Canters but we do have a lovely area and park to run in/around
  • Waiting for my French social security number from the French administration system
  • Each Thursday I do a language exchange with a lady from Loquendi, one week English the other French, and I’m hoping to start with a French tutor soonP1040691


  • Doing SO well with her new child-minder Stephanie.  She loves going and there’s just one other little boy called Noah who also goes (bizarrely Mim and he are EXACTLY the same age, to the date)
  • Speaking and singing French songs alot, it’s so CUTE!
  • Loves going to the free zoo in Lille and helping mummy with the shopping
  • Potty training is ongoing, not always a huge success but we are now 3 weeks without nappies during the day (not always dry) (*prayer point*)

As a family

  • We have a made a few lovely friends, mostly English speakers so some French friends would be great but we treasure those who are befriending and supporting us now a lot
  • We’ve been attending a great church called La Phare (The Lighthouse) and have been welcomed and supported by this church and its leaders
  • Both our cars (private and Roger’s work car) were broken into a few weeks ago outside our house and our satnav stolen. Bit of a bummer
  • We’ve enjoyed some great visits from family and friends as well as regular txts and skypes.  Thanks guys, these are so great and needed!
  • Finances are tough.  Life in France is definitely more expensive than the UK and we are both earning less so please keep us in your prayers for provision.  Thank you so much to those who have given us some wonderful gifts (*prayer point*)
  • The honeymoon period is over, helped by the very rainy northern France weather, so we have the occaionsal blue moment but Roger and I have a strong marriage and we are a close family so as well as our great God, we are pulling each other through
  • THE FRENCH ADMINISTRATION!! It is taking AGES for us to get our health care (Carte Vitale) cards through and my Social Security number.  Roger is doing so well and being so patient, filling in all the forms, going to the relevant offices, handing in the forms, receiving even more forms, filling those in etc etc…it just seems endless.  We are also applying for childcare and housing benefit which we are certainly entitled to but as yet there doesn’t seem to be any movement.  These would really help us out financially (*MEGA prayer point*)

So there you have it.  The Eaton highlights.  Thanks to all of you for all your calls, prayers, txts, love, thoughts.  We love and miss you SO much x