Team & Time

Well people, our first team member arrived about 4 weeks ago to join us on this adventure in Lille.


Roger & Debbie celebrating the signing of her flat

The lovely Debbie Challen moved from Southampton to St Maurice Pellevoisin, Lille, rather miraculously into a fab little flat in a rather glam building a stone’s throw from the Lille Europe station.  For the last few weeks she has been busy settling in, visiting the necessary authorities and sorting out life bits like internet, phone, electricity etc.  Huge amount of kudos to this lady who has moved here on her own, away from family and friends to join us nutters.  Brave isn’t the word.

We have a few other confirmed couples and families who are hoping to join us in around about the summer time, including a real French person…..(HAZZAH!!!! or should that be, OUIIIII!!!!!!) but you’ll have to wait and see for more news on these wonderful faith-filled people as their plans unfold.  We will of course keep you posted as and when things get confirmed.


Our little house in Mouvaux

Roger has now been in France for over a year, having moved out on 18 March 2013.  Where has that time gone?  It won’t be long until 24 June creeps up on us and we celebrate moving in to our little house in Mouvaux with the help of some rather strong and wonderful friends.

This last year has been such a blessing to us.  Before we moved a number of people prayed for us that the move wouldn’t be as tough as we thought, and you know what, it hasn’t.  I can safely say that we can count on one hand the number of times we have had a rocky “emosh” moment and I don’t think one of us has ever mentioned anything about wanting to move back to the UK.  That’s not to say it hasn’t been easy, life is life and life can get tough (see previous blog posts), we miss people, places, things, British food, but we are enjoying this journey.

One thing we have been SOOOOO blessed with this year is time:
time for family
time for fun
time for discovering
time for visitors
time for a wonderful little holiday with dear friends
time for each other
time to think, pray and dream

It’s been good, not always easy, but GOOD.

But now with team arriving our time priorities are changing.  The gears are needing to be changed and perhaps where we have been able to be rather selfish with our time, we now have others to love, lead and guide.  Exciting times ahead!